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Monday, October 8, 2012

We Heart New Zealand!

Auckland, New Zealand:  Quick update, more to follow.  We made it to New Zealand from Tonga by air a few days ago, found comfortable lodgings and saw a cardiologist at the Auckland Heart Center yesterday.  To my extreme delight I passed the treadmill stress test.  I'm feeling better--more tests today and tomorrow, but the doctor's preliminary findings were encouraging, that it's not life threatening and can be handled with medication.  So far so good, we are very encouraged.


  1. Great news - we are so happy to hear it! Alex

  2. Jim and Karen, Glad to hear all is better and you, Karen, are feeling better. This part of the excellent adventure was not so excellent. I guess the good thing is you got to NZ speedily and are getting good drugs! John and I are thinking about you and sending good vibrations.
    News from our end: we made mega salsa last weekend
    (55pints) mostly from the back garden. Some hot some not. Still plugging away at USGS and BVSD and dreaming of not. Life pretty good. Franklin the dog loving life and cookies and walks. Bee well!

  3. Here's hoping the doc prescribes some sailing therapy.
    We are encouraged, Karen. Keep us all posted.
    Ray and Anita

  4. Karen and Jim:

    Catching up on your blog this morning and sorry to hear about Karen's health issue. Much better to get it checked out though than the constant anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing. Glad to hear that it sounds treatable.

    At this end, we're heading off to India soon to travel and visit our son who is working in Delhi.

    Karen, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Bob & Ann Corbett

  5. Sorry to read the news, but the trend looks encouraging! Best wishes from Boulder!

    Catherine/Bill Connor
    Alizee Didi 40cr

  6. Hey you two... hang in there Karen.. and you too Jim. Fingers crossed all continues to improve. Big hugs from CJ and Kathy (SV Shannon)

  7. Karen, just caught up on your latest upheavals after a month without internet - glad things are looking up, and may they continue to improve - Cheers, the Nyon crew

  8. Hi Karen and Jim, It's good to have read in the latest blog entry that Karen is feeling better and that what happened is not serious...and of course also good news is that Jim is well...OMG! I got a little busy and did not have time to read your blog and look at what happened. Both of you please be careful and take care of yourselves.. Fau

  9. Hi, Jim and Karen. Glad to hear things are healing. I hope I'm wrong, but extreme fatigue and heart palpitations are two common symptoms of Lyme Disease. If you've ever had an encounter with a tick you might play it safe and get an ELISA test and a Western Blot. If antibiotics give you relief, you might find your answer is Lyme (or one of its co-infections). Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, just someone intimately familiar with Lyme. Red skies at night...